Mataji Pilgrimages

Many Hindu people go to pilgrimages mostly mataji ones they probally go to these places because to do the darshan,yatra or even to to puja and darshan to the mataji. People also go to that religious place because that is there kuldevi(family goddess) Chamunda maa is my kuldevi and I have visited that religious place many times. The place is called chotila,
However your kuldevi might be diffrerent because there is 100s of kuldevis  in hinduism. Matajis religious places are scatered all over india, but most in Gujurat. Some of these places have been here for thousands and thousands of years. Mataji comes to protect us from evil and when she does come , Mataji comes in different forms(Avatars), This is why we have some may matajis in the hindu religion. Each form has a different characteristic and pupose, many people pray to a certain goddess in the houshold such as Mahalaxmi maa, if they want wealth and good fortune or Maha Saraswati maa for there children to have a good education.
Here are some religious places were you could go:-

  The 51 Shakti Piths
It is said in purans that Lord Shankar with his wife Sati came to the yagna organised by his father-in-law Daksh. Daksh, the father of Sati insulted Lord Shankar, there upon Sati surrendered herself to yagna and embraced to death. Being mad Lord Shankar held her dead body on his shoulder and stated Tandav-Dance. That had created havoc in the world and all the creatures and human beings plunged into loud wailing. The Gods were frightened requested Lord Visnu, so he had thrown his 'Sudarshan Chakra' which had split the body into different sections. As per 'Tantra Chudanrani" and " Gyanaranay" the different parts of her body and ornaments wore by her were fallen at 51 places. These places were established as ' Shakti Piths'




Chotila Jai Chotila vali Chamunda!!

A temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda is built on a hill called chotila at a height of 1,173 feet. The temple is crowded with tourists and pilgrims all round the year specially during the Navratri Festival. The Chotila village is sited at the foot of the Chotila hill.At the end of the navaratri festival a big havan is taken place on top of the chotila hill. Chotila has more than 700 steps. At the bottom when you come down from chotila hill there are many shops were you can by many religious items such as matajis chundari,kunko(religious powder), cassetts and lots more.It is said that after the aarti at chotila hil in the evening everybody comes down the hill and that know one stays there thats what chamunda mataji has said. Also people have encoutered that there is a lion on the hill or dungar of chotila.The story is when Demons Chand and Mund came to conquer Devi Mahakali and in the fight that ensues, the Devi cut their heads and presented these to Maa Ambika, who in turn told Mahakali that you will be worshipped as Chamunda Devi. 


હિંગલાજ માતા મંદીર, हिंगलाज माता मंदीर


Hinghol This sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus in general and for the devotees of AADH SHAKTI "DEVI MAATA" sect in particular is situated in the mountain cave "HINGLAJ" on the river bank of "HINGHOL" at the tail of "KHEER THAR" mountains called "KANRAJ" in tehsil Lyari of Baluchistan , the province of Pakistan.It is considered one of the famous and largest TEERATHS of Indo-Pakistan.It is about 170 miles 250 KM from Karachi. One has to go by road on main Karachi-Quetta Highway up to zero point for about 75 miles. Then by road towards west threough Lyari town and then to signal fauji camp stop,crosssing Aghore River. Then through Goongi River and last stop to "Asha Pura" sarai(INN). There are worship places of GANESH DEVA,MATA KALI,GURU GORAKH NATH DOONI,BRAHAM KUNDH,TIR KUNDH,MAHA KALI KUNDA,GURU NANAK KHARAO,RAM JAROKHA BETHAK,ANEEL KUNDH ON CHORASI MOUNTAIN and on the way CHANDRA GOOP , KHARI RIVER and AGHORI PUJA.

Ashapura Temple at Ghumli: According to folk lore, in the 14th century, Jam Unndji came from Sindh area with an army to conquer Ghumli, but he could not conquer, so after that his son Bamaniyaji came and surrounded Ghumli with a huge army, at that time, the king Bhaman Jethwa, escaped to Ranpur via the route of Kileshwar. So Bamniyaji attacked and destroyed Ghumli.

On the same night Goddess Ambaji came in his dream and told him that, as she has granted the wish "Asha" of his father to conquer Ghumli, he should make a temple in her name.

So Bamaniyaji built the Temple of Ambaji on the hill in the middle of Ghumli and named it as Ashapura Temple ( Ashapura means the granter of wishes)

Till today this temple is very popular among pilgrims, who climb up the numerous steps for paying homage to Goddess Ashapura.


Harshidhi Temple: The temple is situated on the top and bottom of Koyla Hill.  Harsidhi Matatji is also known as Ambica Mataji and Kalki Mataji.  The local people call her Harshad Mata.The ancient temple on top of the Koyla hill, has the same construction styles of the Navlakha Temple of the Chalukya Dynasty in Ghumli, where as the temple in the bottom of the hill is quite modern.On the northern side of the temple is the fire pit, where Harshad Mata used to roast and eat the King of Minalpur  Prabhatsen.

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